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Dennis L. Lockwood
Managing Architect

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Indianapolis, Indiana 46280

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Lockwood Design Associates (LDA) is located in northern Indianapolis and is owned and managed by senior architect Dennis Lockwood. Dennis is a registered Indiana architect (License AR00880164) and has been creating award-winning designs over the past 25 years.

Building Architecture

At Lockwood Design Associates we offer creative solutions for virtually any building design need. We can work with you on simple and small jobs to large and complex ones – all perfectly suited to your budget and timeline.

Our in-depth knowledge of construction gives us the ability to create precisely engineered drawings and blueprints. This allows more efficient communication with the builders, which can potentially minimize any costly changes that would need to be made during the construction process.

Architecture Planning

Knowing how to process paperwork with local zoning boards and planning commissions can help your projects run quickly and smoothly. At Lockwood Design Associates, we’ve become experts within our local jurisdiction, and we know the codes and regulations as they apply to building safety and accessibility.

State-of-the-Art Estimating

We don’t like big surprises when we design projects and buildings, and we bet that you don’t either. That’s why at Lockwood Design Associates, we like to keep our pulse on all possible construction costs throughout the life of your project’s design. We do this using nationally-recognized estimating data combined with extensive historical data to accurately estimate the overall cost of your project. Let us estimate your next project – click here.
Lockwood Design Associates will stay involved with your project and help coordinate every design detail until your job is fully completed.
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