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LDA Projects and Clients

office building renovation
The following is a comprehensive list of projects and clients for Lockwood Design Associates.

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  • Carmel Fire Department, Station No. 45 Addition – Carmel, Indiana
  • Clay Township Trustee’s Office Remodel – Carmel, Indiana
  • Nightingale Home Healthcare, Inc. First-Floor Renovation – Carmel, Indiana
  • Monon Center Lifeguard Support Facility – Carmel, Indiana
  • Dr. Brar Residence Entrance Gate – Carmel, Indiana
  • E.A.R. Co. Training Room and Customer Service Remodel – Indianapolis, Indiana

The following projects were completed under a different company name, but with Dennis Lockwood serving as Project Architect:

  • Indiana Veneers Center Warehouse, South Warehouse, Pallet Assembly, Slice Room, Veneer Dryer, Knife Sharpening Room, Log Yard, Vat and Clipping Line Additions and Renovations – Indianapolis, Indiana
  • WISH-TV 8 Newsroom Addition, Basement and Art Department Renovations, Master Control Renovation, Second Floor Renovation, Sales Office Renovation, Existing Engineering Department Remodel, Studio Production Control Room – Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Indiana Steel Fabricating Plant Expansion – Indianapolis, Indiana
  • TDS Telecom Office Remodel – Tipton, Indiana
  • Clay Township Community Life and Learning Center – Carmel, Indiana
  • Carmel Fire Department New Station No. 42 – Carmel, Indiana
  • Carmel Fire Department New Station No 46 – Carmel, Indiana
  • Engineered Cooling Systems – New Laboratory Renovation – Carmel, Indiana
  • Cafeteria Building 121 Remodel, Crane Naval Warfare Center
  • J.B. Carr Dental Office
  • Best Friends Pet Salon
  • WNDY Channel 23 Transmitter Building Renovation
  • Lambda Chi Fraternity Addition/Remodel
  • Indiana School for the Blind
  • R. Adams Roofing New Office Addition
  • Yang Health Center Addition

These projects (renovations/additions) were performed by Dennis Lockwood while serving as Project Architect for another firm.

  • Laurel Community Library
  • Dillsboro Public Library
  • Huntington City Township Public Library
  • Indiana Cooperative Library Services Authority Offices
  • Clinton County YMCA, Phase II
  • Switzerland Baptist Church Steeple Renovation
  • Greensburg Public Library
  • Lowell Public Library
  • Tippecanoe County Public Library
  • Plainfield Public Library
  • Huntington City Township Public Library
  • Booneville Warrick County Public Library
  • Fortville Public Library
  • Carmel Public Library Addition
  • Lincoln Hall, Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Children’s Home
  • First Christian Church
  • Clinton County YMCA
  • United States Post Office, Eagle Creek Branch
  • United States Post Office, Noblesville Branch
  • Cummins Mental Health Center (two locations)
  • Jim Dandy Restaurant (5 locations)
  • St. Joseph Catholic Church
  • Acton United Methodist Church
  • Zionsville Presbyterian Church
  • Northwood Christian Church
  • John Knox Presbyterian Church
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • First Christian Church
  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Kindergarten Building
  • St. Paul’s Catholic Church Center
  • St. Luke’s Catholic Church School Addition


For more details and locations of these projects, please contact Dennis Lockwood at dlockwood@ldarchitecture.com or call (317) 844-1315.

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